We have always depended on the quality of our work to secure more work. It's been an effective strategy. But we can also find ourselves the victims of change within our clients' organisations, whether restructuring or adjusting to changing economic conditions. It's a risk we've lived with but would like to mitigate.


So an experiment. We have created a survey to try to capture some data on whether we can expand our service outside New Plymouth without leaving town. As a small business (SME) ourselves I am going to ask other NZ SMEs to provide feedback about the issues they face on a day to day basis that are impacting their ability to grow their businesses. My hope is that we can identify common themes and start a dialogue. As an IT business our issues may differ considerably from other SMBs - technology after all is our bread and butter but often something less digestible for non-IT businesses.


An experiment should have a proposition to either validate or disprove. My theory is there are NZ SMEs who would appreciate a helping IT hand from an experienced partner. Let's see what happens - no responses is also data. You can find our survey here.